Week 4: ‘Trainee police officer accidentally kidnaps British tourist’

I have been away a month now. I’ve found a comfortable routine on the farm, working in the garden, picking leaves for herbal teas, packing teas and spice blends on rainy days. Life is easy here. Time has run away with me and it’s hard to believe that I have less than two weeks on the farm before I move on south.

I have seen all season, it’s been winter, then autumn, then summer then spring. It has been beautiful sunshine and I have worked in a T-shirt and sun hat and it’s snowed. Some days you can see for ver from the top of the mountains and other days, like today, you can hardly see the mountains at all. I have lived simply, most days with little incident, just amazing scenery and nice people.

I have discovered how easy it is to hitch-hike and that most people seem to want to help you out. (Christiane, one of my workmates on the farm, says I’m doing so well because I look so sweet and innocent. It’s a good job looks can be deceiving otherwise I would be in trouble).

After exploring most of the local area, ie, where I can walk to from the farm, I have been setting my sights a little further afield. Now living 4km from the main road and have blood sugar leaves that insist on be stupid no matter what I do means I’ve been having to plan my trips quite carefully. Getting to the main road takes about 45mins by foot then you have to hope to get picked up.

On my last day off I took a trip to the coast. The plan was to walk from Eggum to Unstad. A path that follows the coast on the north side of the island. The clouds were low and it was raining on and off all day. Standing on the Eggum road sticking out my thumb to every car that passed I was ready to accept it might not be a good day for a lift.

Luckily I wasn’t there too long when someone offered to take me part way, I was a little unsure as if I couldn’t get a lift the last part it would mean walking back again but decided to take the chance. My lift, deciding Eggum wasn’t too much further than he wanted to go ended up driving me all the way and I was left full of the joy that comes from kindness.

The area around Eggum is dramatic, steep mountains rise up seeming straight from the sea, the clouds kept the tops to view and the waves crashed angrily on the rocks. There weren’t too many people out due to the poor weather and I enjoy my walk, scrambling over the rocks, standing under waterfalls and watching the clouds roll in from the sea.

I walk enjoying the solitude and the weather. I have just finished a tricky bit of very slippery scrambling when a woman stands up from under a rock she had been huddling from the rain beneath and asks me how far we are from Eggum. We chat a little about where we are planning to go. I said I walked from Eggum and am heading to Unstad and then will try to hitch a ride home, her reaction to this is to offer me a lift as she is parked at Unstad. We walk back not quite together, both of us enjoying the relative solitude of walking, and when we reach the end of the trail she asks if I still want a lift. I say I do and we chat the last part as we head to the car.

We drive back to the main road chatting easily. It’s always nice when I meet people that not only offer to help me but are easy to talk to and make you feel welcome in their space. She is a trainee police officer from Oslo doing her year away in Lofoten to be able to spend time in the mountains. I ask what kinds of crime happen here (there can’t be much, we keep the door of the house wide open most of the time and the cafe door is never locked) she says mainly drugs. It’s a quiet place around here.

We reach the main road but then turn in what I think is the opposite direction to where I want to go. I sit looking out the window unsure, I don’t know the roads here that well but I’m almost 100% sure that we should be going the other way to get to where she said she would take me. After a bit of indescion, I look at her and say ‘I think I need to go in the opposite direction to this’. I assume she will just let me out but she laughs and finds a place to turn around.

As we drive on she laughs, “It would make a good headline” she says “Trainee police officer accidentally kidnaps British tourist!”

Turns out she was just on autopilot and was heading home.

As with most of the people, I have met her she goes out of her way to help me out a drives me all the way back to the farm. In return, I give her a tour and cheese tasting.



I hope you have enjoyed the story of my latest adventure!

Lots of Love

The girl with the brain in her hair xxx


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