Day 1, what could go wrong?

The idea was a simple one. Two flights, one airline, get to Bodo tonight. What could go wrong?

For the past year I have been planning this trip, it started out as three months interrailing and morphed into a 5 month trip starting in the Lofoten islands in Norway and ending by walking through the Alps. I knew there would be things that would go wrong, I knew there would be times when it got stressful. I planned for this.

I also knew that the week before I set off I needed to keep busy, spare time for me was not an option. I worked on Monday and Tuesday to stay busy. On Tuesday night when I got back from work I was rather fidgety so folded all my clothes into piles in the spare room ready for packing.

I aggressively planned Wednesday, I knew that I would get fretful if I had time to think, so I ensured there would be little time for that. I made brownies for my dad’s retirement, I packed had lunch then when to meet my friend Maja at the climbing wall. We had a fun few hours climbing, talking, painting each other with chalk and mucking about. I almost managed to feel relaxed. I get home and have dinner then go online to check in for my flight.

At this point excitement was building up tinged with a dose of anxiety but that was to be expected. I get onto the airline website and put in my details to be given a fun message telling me my flight is likely to be affected due to strike action. Fuck. I read the information and storm down the living room when my parents are sitting watching TV. They look at me as I come in their faces quickly starting to look concerned. I tell them I think my flight might be cancelled and Mum comes upstairs with me to the computer. We spend ages reading the information and looking for possible alternatives but it is soon clear that my only option is to get hold of the airline in the morning and see what if anything can be done.

I’m surprised but how calm I feel throughout it all. I’m annoyed but ok, I don’t get upset or angry. I look at all the information and absorb it without really reacting at all.

Sleep is less easy, my brain won’t switch off and I toss and turn of ages. At 2 I’m too hot so swap for my thinner duvet and put my music on to see if that helps me relax. At three I wake again to the beeping of my blood sugar meter telling me I’m low. I eat half a nakd bar and finally get some proper sleep. I wake early and am unable to settle again I get up and make coffee and try to phone the airline to check on my flight.

This appears to be impossible, the English number won’t pick up and I try Norway but can’t understand anything so give up. I try the airport but that doesn’t get me anywhere either. I’m starting to get frustrated. I want to have a plan again, I want to know what the next few days will bring.

I finally am able to get hold of them via Facebook and thankfully get hold of a very helpful man who manages to help me reorganize my flight. It takes over an hour on facebook messenger but finally I have a plan and I’m flying tonight. I book a new flight to Bodo SAS books me a new flight to Oslo and I book a hotel that SAS will pay for tonight near the airport. I’m tired when all the reorganization is over. Adrenalin has been running high but it’s sorted now. Not the start to trip that I imagined but at least I will be in Norway tonight and won’t have to sneak into a hostel room at midnight.

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